Huawei Bricked phone repair with DC Phoenix

>> SUPPORTED Models & in what conditions you can flash them <<

Download DC Phoenix software here

Tutorials for services via Testpoint here

Files we have can review here Download possible only from DC-Phoenix directly

Exclusive features:

Can write firmware by fastboot with locked bootloader and locked FRP! (latest phones firmwares may not supported)
Huawei Firmware UPDATE.APP file direct writing in fastboot (NOT OTA files)
Full erase and write full factory images in fastboot (DC Unlocker factory images in format DGTKS)
rom writing in fastboot without signature and compatibility checking!

Flash bricked Huawei phones in qualcomm 9008 mode (drivers)
Flash bricked Huawei phones in Huawei 1.0 mode (drivers1, drivers2)
Flash bricked phones where no Huawei 1.0 or 9008 visible by testpoint

Warning MUST READ!

1. DC-phoenix can be used with HCU timed license account (unlimited access to DC-Phoenix software for 72h for 1 device) Account creation HERE. HCU tool link and what it is read HERE
2. DC-Phoenix will attempt to remove firmware validation in which case phone may not check firmware and accept incorrect one, be aware!
3. Phone must be charged up before any kind of flashing otherwise it might go dead.
4. Remove SD card from the phone if it is inside.

 How to repair bricked Huawei phone

Repair only not working mobiles!

-If you just want to downgrade security for device with Kirin659 check here
-For other CPUs here

Method 1:

Can be used when phone in bootloop, stuck in fastboot etc.
Can be used for region change. Detailed guide for region change here

You should start repair attempt from this method including mobiles with Kirin980, Kirin710, Kirin810


Step 1

In Standard mode Select firmware (use same customization version as one in mobile if you know which one it is) + customization (optional) + preloader (if exists), must start flashing in fastboot mode while "Rescue recovery" option on software is selected! If mobile has Kirin659 or Kirin960 cpu then put a check mark on "Old slow algo" too.

If during flashing mobile does not enter into upgrade mode (you get message) do it manually. Turn off phone, hold both vol buttons and connect device to cable, keep holding buttons until you see Huawei logo and then attempt to write same file.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to write APP files in fastboot without Rescue Recovery option! This will cause additional problems!

If this method did not help, read Method 2

Method 2:

Not suitable for Kirin710, Kirin810 , Kirin980, Kirin990


Step 1

Rewrite OEMINFO with model, vendor and country matching your full stock rom file data that you want to flash into your device. For mobiles with new version possible only via testpoint.


Step 2

After rewriting OEMINFO you will be able to write any region's full stock firmware file in UPDATE mode once (Can do it with DC-Phoenix or from SD card).
Select "Standard" in DC-Phoenix .

if you want to write another file, you will need to repeat  step 1.


Step 3 (required if no imei, sn, mac or other data missing)

HCU repair as empty board guide HERE

Method 3

Full repair phone as empty board:
Not suitable for Kirin710, Kirin810 , Kirin980, Kirin990 and with part of latest kirin970

Detailed guide here