Frequently Asked Questions


How to register, create user account?

You register and create account for DC-unlocker, DC-phoenix, HCU during purchase only, this can be done in the DC-unlocker shop.

Can I use Forum account on DC-unlocker softwares?

Forum account is in no way related to any of DC-unlocker tools and can not be used to log in on any of them. To create account for software check "How to register, create user account?"

I forgot my password! How to recover it?

Recover your lost DC-unlocker, DC-Phoenix or HCU password by following steps in How to recover user account password .

I bought a new account, but haven't received a password. What should I do now?

You should check if the letter is not in spam filter. If it is not there, contact DC-unlocker support.

My account is blocked, what should i do?

There are several reasons for which you may get blocked.

Too many incorrect log in attempts - unblocks automatically after 24h or by contacting support during work hours.

Account blocked, verification required (after purchase) - Look for verification link in email address linked to purchase, if could not be found, contact DC-unlocker support.

Is my device supported?

Supported models and available services for them:

DC-unlocker supported models list

DC-phoenix supported models list

HCU supported models list

What is DC-unlocker dongle and what is a difference from a user account?

DC-unlocker dongle is a hardware usb key used for same services as user account at lower price (or for free). We advise to get one if you need to service 10 or more devices.

Where can I buy DC-unlocker dongle?

DC-unlocker dongle can be bought from resellers .

How much does this service cost?

Credit, support and license prices.

Service prices in credits for users with User account.

Service prices in credits for Dongle users.

How to use DC-unlocker software?

Please check guides and tutorials for various services.

I got a problem while using Your services or software. Can you help me?

Yes. Please do not hesitate to contact us via our live support or post a question to the forum.