Huawei Bricked phone repair guide with DC Phoenix

SUPPORTED Models & in what conditions you can flash them

Download DC Phoenix software here

Exclusive features:

Repair Huawei firmware problems (Bricked, Bootloop, stuck on Fastboot mode etc.)
Can write firmware by fastboot with locked bootloader and locked FRP!
Huawei Firmware UPDATE.APP file direct writing in fastboot
Full erase and write full factory images in fastboot (DC Unlocker factory images in format DGTKS)
Any rom writing in fastboot without signature and compatibility checking!


1. Credits are deducted once, afterwards you can flash same phone multiple times free of charge for 72h.
2. DC Phoenix allows to flash any file into phone, it is not being validated by our software or by phone - be very careful what you write into your device!
3. Phone must be charged up before any kind of flashing otherwise it might go dead

How to repair bricked Huawei phone 

Method 1:

This repair method is safest, therefore you should try it first!!!


This step requires original full stock rom file of phone that was in it when it was purchased or before it got bricked, then you have highest chance to revive your phone. We won't know what file you need. Can request firmware files here

Step 1
Write compatible UPDATE.APP file in fastboot with DC Phoenix
All phones similar solution:

Process example guides :
video | text - Firmware writing Honor 7 in fastboot
video | text - Firmware writing Mate S in fastboot
video | text - Firmware writing Ascend Y6 in fastboot

Step 2
After performing steps in guide your phone should boot up
Then you need to repeat flashing, but now in upgrade mode
This step is necessary to fix incorrect internal storage size after flashing in fastboot

NOTE: (If you get error during flashing means firmware you are using is not full stock rom or it isn't original firmware that was in phone when it came out or before it got broken)

Process example guide:
video | text - Firmware writing Mate S in upgrade mode

If method 1 does not help, then may use method 2

Method 2:

This repair method now became safer with possibility not to delete NV and OEM info. If these secure zones were not damaged earlier, using this method with these options checked will not delete IMEI, SN and such (some models may still lose this data, keep it in mind before using as it will require more credits for repairing phone numbers!).

Step 1
Start device repair with factory firmware flash (Can use any factory firmware for any model version - NXT-AL10 factory firmware fits all NXT-xxxx versions etc., same for others)

Factory firmware files available on our support area. "Factory_Firmwares" & "Factory_Firmwares_with_Testpoint" folders

Process example guide:
video | text - Huawei android phone repair with factory image

Step 2
After performing phone repair with factory image it should boot up. All text on device may be in Chinese language!
Then do flashing in upgrade mode (this time use exact stock firmware UPDATE.APP file of your phone) You can also do an upgrade from SD Card - it's same. If after Factory firmware flashing you are not allowed to do update in Upgrade mode then repeat METHOD 1!

Process example guide:
video | text - Firmware writing Mate S in upgrade mode

(Optional) Phone numbers REPAIR

If your phone is missing IMEI/SN or had selected to delete NV and OEM info when using repair Method 2, or other device info, you can repair and restore them to originals with third party software, like HCU client - Link to software page

You can use DC-unlocker credits on HCU client (only user accounts!, dongles not compatible with HCU), software will require 8 credits for repair service.
You may also need to restore or change for decustomization country and vendor (service available on HCU), for example vendor value: hw and country value: eu

Other features:

video | text - Create config file for flashing with DC Phoenix.
video | text - Extract UPDATE.APP files and create fastboot download script

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