Added: Authorization V3 modems: Megafon M100-4 and Huawei E3272. Huawei UML397,E8278,Routers:ZTE MF65,Sierra Wireless AirCard 770S,SoftBank 102HW,Huawei E5251,Internal modules:ZTE MF260,Sierra Wireless MC7700. [read more]
Added:Customized ZTE MF667 unlock by rewriting firmware.Improved flash writing. [read more]
Added:Modems:ZTE:MF700,MF50,MF681,Force bootloader unlock function. [read more]
Added:Huawei phones:Ascend G300,G330,G330D,G600,G600D,G510-0100,G510-0200,G510-0251,Y300-0100,Y300-0151,U8815,
U8815N,U8825,U8825D,U8950,U8950-51, U8950D,U8950N,
U8950N-51,Valiant,Orange, read bootloader code function. [read more]
Added:Modems:Huawei Vodafone K3773,ZTE MF825a Airtel India,Sierra Wireless MC8704,Customized modems:Huawei: E153 11.609.21.01.487 build May 09 2012 10:51:34(Qcell Gambia),E153 11.609.12.05.46 build Jun 29 2010 19:47:48 (Telcel Mexico),E173 build Nov 24 2010 16:23:28 (Unitel Laos),Phones:ZTE:T116,S203. [read more]
Added:Read NV backups,Repair imei for ZTE modems,Improved flashing process,ZTE MF622 flashing. [read more]
Added:Modems:Huawei:AP02HW,D32HW,E3331s,Micromax MMX352G 3G USB Modem,Sierra Wireless AirCard 340U,ZTE MF752,Customized modems:Huawei: E173 Build May 06 2013 16:17:08 (Idea India),E173 Build Feb 25 2013 15:45:40 (Airtel Uganda),Routers:Huawei:E5151s,Vodafone R206,ZTE:MF28G,MF63,MF90. [read more]
Added:Huawei CDMA modems repair features:Repair MEID or (and) ESN,Generate (and display before write) pseudo ESN automatically,Write MEID if not present,Unlock Huawei EC1561, EC152. [read more]
Added:Routers:Huawei:B681,E5220,B183,Phones:Huawei ETS6630,Vodafone Neo3000,Customized Modems:Huawei:E156B 11.608.05.00.46 Build: Jul 02 2009 11:50:18 (Telcel Mexico),E1732 Build: Jan 15 2013 17:14:11 (Idea India). [read more]
NEW addon for DC Unlocker users!Unlock customized modems by rewriting firmware.Write firmware and dashboard.Auto backup NV Items.Restore NV Items.Repair modems.
[read more]
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