NEW addon for DC Unlocker users!DC-Unlocker ZTE ICERA Modems Unlocker
-Direct Unlock for allmost all ZTE Icera modems in few seconds
-Dissable/Enable CDROM [read more]
Added:Modems:Huawei HiMini E369,ZTE MF200,Sierra Wireless MC8705,Phones:ZTE T96. [read more]
Added: Support for Huawei CDMA modems [read more]
Added:Modems:Huawei:E3251 Hilink,E359,T353,EM920,ZTE:MF823,Vodafone K4505-Z,Vodafone K5006-Z,Longcheer WM72(modification LQA00D8.1.2_MG6600),Routers:Huawei:Vodafone R208,B200,B932,E5756,ZTE:Vodafone R203-Z,Customized modems:Huawei E1731 Jan 31 2013 15:02:49 (Airtel India). [read more]
NEW addon for DC Unlocker users!Decustomize Vodafone modems to standart models.Write dashboard.Write firmware.Enable CDROM.Support area with many fimwares for ZTE Icera modems. [read more]
Added Read/Write R-UIM settings.SPC reading improved.No other tools required for FULL UNLOCK anymore. [read more]
NEW FREE addon for all DC Unlocker users! Supported models:Huawei EC122,Huawei EC1260,Huawei EC156,Huawei EC167,Huawei EC168,Huawei EC169,Huawei EC226,Huawei EC367. [read more]
Added: Modems:Novatel Ovation MC996D,Routers:Huawei:E5776s,B153,E589, ZTE:MF60,MF68,MF70,MF80,MF93,MF51,MF61 and other ZTE routers that have no com ports. [read more]
Added:Modems:Huawei:E3121,E3276,E355,Vodafone K3772,Customized modems:Huawei E173(Airtel Nigeria),Phones: ZTE:T54,T95,Z331. [read more]
Added:Routers:Huawei:E5332,E560,B683,B660,HW-01C,Novatell MiFi 4620L,Customized modems:ZTE MF190(Telma Madagascar),Huawei: E177(Zain Sudan),E153(MTN Sudan),E173(Safaricom Kenya),E303(Sudani Sudan),E173(Airtel Nigeria),Phones:Huawei Ascend:G301,G312,Y100,Y101,Y200,Y201,Huawei:Buddy,Fusion 2,T-Mobile myTouch,MTS VIVA,Phoenix.
[read more]
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