Added: ZTE MF825a Indonesia [read more]
Added:Huawei E5730 Unlock. Bug fixing. [read more]
Added:Modems:LONSAI LS100,Embedded modules:Novatel Expedite E362,Sierra Wireless AirPrime EM7330,Phones:ZTE:Z433/Altair,F555,Pantech unlock code generation by imei. [read more]
Added:Huawei:E3533,E5878,E5372(STC,Mobily,Zain),Vodafone K5150,ZTE:D6601,MTS 430D,SoftBank 102Z,Vodafone R212-Z,MF29,T126,T303,Asus Eee PC 1003HAG. [read more]
Added:Modems:Huawei E3372,MTS 827F,Vodafone K3770,ZTE Vodafone K5008-Z,Routers:Huawei E5330,Huawei E5336,MTS 424D,ZTE MF23,Internal modules:Huawei EM930. [read more]
Added:Huawei:E3276 ( India Airtel),E303h-1 (21.318.25.00.787 Tigo Tanzania),E5372 ( Bolt Indonesia),ZTE MF612. [read more]
Added:NETGEAR AirCard:762S,778S,ZTE MF90 BD_BOLT_MF90V1.0.0B07 Mar 7 2014 15:38:46,Huawei E173 Sep 23 2013 08:53:29,New addon for ZTE routers unlock by network cable, [read more]
Added:Modems:Huawei K4203,Longcheer WM66E,ZTE:D6602,MF682,Routers:Huawei:E5170,E5221,T-MOBILE: 4G MOBILE HOTSPOT,SPEEDPORT HSPA,NETGEAR AirCard 341U,ZTE MF23,Internal modules:Hewlett Packard MU736, Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC8301V,Huawei E303h Airtel India unlock by flashing,MF90 Bolt B07 direct unlock without flashing. [read more]
New addon for DC-Unlocker users!
- Write firmware and dashboard/Web UI
- 800+ firmware files in Support Area for Huawei HiSilicon modems
- Improved download mode entry for flashing
- Other several minor fixes that were in beta version
[read more]
Added:Modems:Huawei:E3351,E3531,Vodafone K4201,Micromax AD110,ZTE MTC 830FT,Routers: Huawei:B686,Vodafone R215,Netgear Zing,Novatel: MiFi 2, MiFi5792,Sierra Wireless AirCard 771S,Softbank 203z,ZTE:MF98,GL09P,Vodafone R206-Z,Customized routers:ZTE MF90 BD_BOLT_MF90V1.0.0B07 (Bolt Indonesia. [read more]
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