Added:AUTH V4 algo Huawei modems and routers:B310,E3372h,E8372h,E8377. [read more]
Added:Gemtek WLTFQR-117GN,Huawei:MU609,Pocket WiFi 301HW.
Huawei CDMA Modems unlocker client v.1.0037:more supported models for read SPC and etc..
NEW! DC unlocker Huawei CDMA flasher (beta).
[read more]
Added:Routers:T-Mobile 4G HotSpot Z64,ZTE MF64,Huawei EC5377,Modems: Pantech UML290VW,Huawei E173Eu-1 (Movitel),LG Factory unlock codes by IMEI,Huawei Bootloder factory code by IMEI. [read more]
Added: Routers:Huawei 303HW / GL10,Phones: All Huawei phones (factory codes). [read more]
Added:Modems:Huawei E3236,Routers:Pocket WiFi 303ZT,ZTE:890L,891L,MF923,
MTS 831FT,Embedded modules:Dell DW5550. [read more]
Added:Routers:Huawei E5377,ZTE MF975,Pocket WiFi 305ZT,Customized routers:Huawei E5372 Fastlink,ZTE MF90 Bolt,Phones:Huawei:ETS1160,F317, F362,F610. [read more]
Added:Routers:Vodafone R207,Huawei E5373,Customized modems and routers:Huawei E3272(Airtel India),E5372 (Mobily, Zain Saudi Arabia),Phones:ZTE:WP750V,Z432,Dissable ports for Novatel routers,Reset wrong code counter Hisilicon not customised modems features. [read more]
Added: ZTE MF825a Indonesia [read more]
Added:Huawei E5730 Unlock. Bug fixing. [read more]
Added:Modems:LONSAI LS100,Embedded modules:Novatel Expedite E362,Sierra Wireless AirPrime EM7330,Phones:ZTE:Z433/Altair,F555,Pantech unlock code generation by imei. [read more]
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