Added: V4 not custumised modems and routers unlock,Huawei phones:Y6, P9 lite mini,Enjoy 7,MediaPad M3 Lite 8.0,Maimang 6,Nova 2i,MATE 10 Lite,G10/G10 Plus,Honor 9i. [read more]
Added:Modems:ZTE MF96,Phones:Huawei:Honor 8 Lite 2017,Nova 2 PIC-,Nova 2 Plus BAC-,Honor 9 STF-,MediaPad M3 Lite 10 BAH-,Honor 6A DLI-,Enjoy 7 Plus TRT-. [read more]
Added:Read bootloader code,Huawei ID unlock: Huawei:Honor 6C,Nova Smart,Diego,GR3 2017. [read more]
Added:Huawei:Y7 2017,Trinity,Nova lite+,Honor 6C,Nova Smart,Diego,GR3 2017. [read more]
Added:NV backup writing for more Huawei phones. [read more]
Added:Huawei:Honor 8 Lite 2017,8 Youth Edition,Magic,V9,Mate 9,9 Pro,NATASHA,P10,P10 Lite,P10 Plus,Modems:ME906J,E5338. [read more]
Added:Huawei Hisilicon NV partition backup writing. [read more]
Added: Safe repair method with factory firmware - without erase NV, IMEI. Huawei 2K platform flashing support. [read more]
Added:Read bootloader unlock code for:Huawei: G9 Plus,Maimang 5,Mate 9,Mate 9 Pro,Nova,Nova Plus. [read more]
Added:FRP,Huawei ID unlock for:Huawei: G9 Plus,Maimang 5,Mate 9,Mate 9 Pro,Nova,Nova Plus;Read unlock codes, bootloader, FRP, Huawei ID unlock for:Huawei: Ascend XT,GR5 2017,Mate 9,MediaPad M2 8.0 Pro;Direct unlock for:U3900. [read more]
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