Huawei Mate S flashing in upgrade mode

Step 1

Download DC Phoenix software here

Launch the program

If there is no DC-Unlocker/Rocker/Vygis or Infinity dongle connected to PC, then log in screen will appear. Use your account details to log in


How to get Username/Password check here

Step 2

DC Phoenix software window will appear

Step 3

Select "Upgrade mode"

Step 4

Make sure you have HiSuite installed (but closed) on your pc, it will be necessary for latest device drivers

Connect phone in upgrade mode. Power down mobile device. Hold vol- & vol+ then connect phone to usb cable, this will enter upgrade mode.

Note: remove SD card from mobile if there is one inside before doing so.

Step 5

Press "Refresh" button and wait for device to be detected on software with it's COM ports, then press paper icon next to "Update file" field

Step 6

Select file for flashing. Click "Open"

Step 7

Click "Select all" and then "Update" button


Step 8

Monitor the process


Step 9

Wait for flashing to finish, when it's complete you will see message on program's memo window


Shortly after your phone will restart and boot up



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