How to get username and password for DC-Unlocker software

NOTE: Our Forum account is not related to DC-Unlocker software. Account for DC-Unlocker software is created by steps below

You get a user account for software only after purchase

Open Dc-unlocker website -

Select "Buy" from top menu bar or click on "Buy Credits" on the right side of the page

Choose a payment method that is most suitable for you:

Afterward, select the item you want to buy and fill in the requested fields that are below payment method selection. When all fields are filled double-check the information that you've entered, then check the box "Accept terms & conditions" and click "Continue" button.

If you do not know how many credits you need or what type of account to get - click on "how much do i need?" next to Credits entry field

On next page click check the details and press "Continue to Payment" button to proceed, to edit order click on "Modify order"

You will be redirected to payment form

After payment is done check the email box that you've entered in the previous registration step on our web page. E-mail will be sent to it with account details (check spam box if 'e-mail is not in main mailbox)