ZTE Airtel WD670 unlock guide

Download ZTE Airtel WD670 unlocker here

Step 1
Connect device to PC via USB and install everything that comes in it's drive.

Turn on the device.

Make sure WEBUI of device on browser is closed.

Step 2

Launch ZTE Airtel WD670 unlock tool.

Enter your username and password that you've received after credits purchase. Click "OK". (you can buy credits here www.dc-unlocker.com/buy).

If DC-Unlocker/Vygis/Rocker/Infinity dongle is connected, log in step will complete automatically.

Step 3

On software window check WD670 WEBUI Login details. By default user and password for it is admin/admin. If device's log in details were changed, you should enter them before proceeding further.

Step 4

Press "Unlock" and monitor the process

Step 5

Software will indicate when unlock completes.