Pantech phone unlock guide

NOTE: this guide is only for Pantech phones that require Phone security code to be entered before unlock

Launch DC-unlocker software

Select Pantech phones as manufacturer, set model of your phone manually from given list on software below manufacturer

Wait for device to be detected

Open Server tab, enter your username and password that you received after credits purchase. Click "Check login". (you can buy credits here

If DC-Unlocker/Vygis/Rocker/Infinity dongle is connected, only click " Check login "

Open Unlocking tab on program, enter IMEI of your phone if it's not there yet and click Do job button, unlock code will be generated in few seconds

Access phone's menu. Go to Settings & Tools / Phone Settings / SIM Security. You will be asked to enter "Security Code", it is shown on detection information on DC-unlocker client

Further select "SIM Lock". Navigate to "Unlocked" option and click OK. You will be asked to enter unlock code. Apply the code that was generated for you on DC-unlocker program, click OK to complete the process. 

Now your phone is unlocked and usable with other operator SIM cards


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