Added: ZTE MF622, Vodafone Huawei K3715, Huawei EG162, GT MAX HSUPA (GX0301), GT Express ULTRA (GE0302), GT ULTRA (GX0302), GT Express HSUPA (GE0301), Globetrotter GPRS (1-st generation) [read more]
Added: Huawei EG602 and E180 [read more]
Added: Option Globetrotter GTM378 and Huawei E160G [read more]
Added support for Option ICON 225
[read more]
New model added [read more]
New model added [read more]
Few bugs fixed [read more]
Unlock for SierraWireless Aircard AC880E, AC881E, Huawei E630+, E169, E170, E172, E270, E272, E660, E226, E800, E870 added [read more]
New models added [read more]
Merlin U730 added [read more]
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