Huawei android phone Disable FRP

Disable FRP

If you want FRP status show as "Unlock" when put into fastboot (because it will always show as "Lock" even if you have perfromed unlock for it successfully) then proceed with steps below

Click on "Settings" in phone Menu

Scroll down until you see "About phone" menu, tap once on it

Locate line: "Build number", tap it multiple times until you see "Developer mode activated" on phone screen

Go back to previous setting window or directly into "Settings" from menu. New selection will be visible - "Developer options", tap once on it

Locate "Enable OEM unlock", in order for FRP status to show up as "Unlock" this option must be enabled, so tap once on it

Confirmation window may appear, read it and click "Enable" to complete action

Now when phone is put into fastboot it will show "FRP Unlock"