Feature activation

Description and prices

DC Phoenix activationFlash/repair Huawei Phones39
HCU activation for dongleHCU & DC Phoenix client for dongle with unlimited support99
Unlimited FRP UnlockUnlimited Huawei ID and FRP Unlock39
Unlimited ZTE Icera firmware writerZTE Icera platform firmware writer (MF192, K3770-z, K3772-z and similar modems)19
ZTE Icera UNLIMITED direct unlockZTE Icera platform unlimited direct unlock (MF192, MF652, MF195, K3772-z and similar modems)29
ZTE Qualcomm and Huawei Hisilicon modems FlasherHuawei Hisilicon and ZTE Qualcomm modems firmware writer (Mf180, MF190)19

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To activate aditional feature You need to use one of DC-unlocker's programs and click on button "Enter support area". Then click "Features" in the main menu.

Support area menu

More information on how to access support area You can find in How to access Support Area page.
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