Improved Huawei E620 unlocking, fixed EDGE detecting bug.
GT EDGE, Huawei E620 and  E220 unlocking bugs fixed. But Huawei E220 is still beta version. If Huawei E220 can't be unlocked, rewrite firmware, which you can find in download section.

Adeed support for Globetrotter ICON 7.2

Features :

- flash reading
- lock code reading
- network lock code reading "Unlock"
- auto code entering
Added fast flash reading for few models

- fast flash reading for GT 3G QL ir GT 3G Fusion
- fast flash reading  for GT 3G+
- saving to packed flash file format
Support for few new cards is added

Unlocking, flash reading, auto code entering ,user lock code reading for:
- Merlin XU870
- Merlin U740
- Huawei E620
- Huawei E220

- New drivers added to installer
More features for Merlin U630 are added

- unlock counter reading
- unlock counter reseting
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